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Welcome To Lightning Youth Field Hockey

Lightning Youth Field is a USAFH Member. is a non-profit club designed to teach and promote field hockey to boys and girls ages 5-19.

We welcome players of ALL skill levels to join us.  We focus on skills and team building. Your child will gain a solid understanding of field hockey fundamentals in a fun-filled and supportive environment. 

Lightning has 2 practice seasons: Fall (Aug-Dec) and Spring (Jan-May). In addition to our weekly practices, our teams attend clinics and tournaments hosted by other Bay Area Youth Field Hockey programs and clubs.



Club Goal

Our goal is to provide age-appropriate training for players to improve their field hockey skills in a fun and safe environment.  We welcome players of all abilities to develop the foundational skill set necessary to play field hockey.  Our practices are 2 hours long with warm-up fitness drills, individual skill work, small team/tactical play, and scrimmages. In addition to our practices, we also participate in clinics and tournaments with other local youth field hockey clubs and programs.

Club Philosophy

In many of the sports programs that are popular in our area, as a child ages, the atmosphere and obligations transition from recreational to competitive. Sometimes that transition results in a level of abandonment or serves as a barrier to entry. A balanced approach to competition can make a significant contribution to the development of young athletes while at the same time providing fun, enjoyment and satisfaction. Our club aims to put the welfare of the child first and instill an appropriate balance of recreation with a healthy competitive spirit. 


Field hockey recognizes the important role that coaches and club administrators/ parent volunteers play in the lives of our youth. We strive to create a respectful and supportive environment for our players. 

All of our coaches and assistant coaches are USAFH Coach Members and have either completed or are in the process of fulfilling Coaching and SafeSport training. 



Players play within their age group, as defined by the USA Field Hockey Association. “Playing Up” is at the discretion of both the coach of the team the player is on and the coach of the team he/she wishes to move.

Lightning offers 6 teams:

  • U8 Mixed
  • U10 Mixed
  • U12 Mixed
  • U14 Girls
  • U16+U19 Girls
  • U14+U16 Boys



We have an expectation that our players attend at least 80% of the practices (e.g. Fall season is 18 weeks, we expect players to attend at least 15 practices.) In order for players to play well at practice and at tournaments, it is important that they are familiar and friendly with each other, as well as have fundamental field hockey skills and a proficient understanding of the game. 

Players are expected to arrive to practice and to tournaments at the designated start time, prepared with all of their gear, and ready to play.  All players are required to wear shinguards, a mouthguard, a Lightning pinnie or uniform, and shoes and to have their own stick.

It is foremost the player's responsibility (yes, even the little U8s) to be ready for practice, and secondarily the player's parents' responsibility. **It is not the responsibility of the club and/or coaching staff to ensure that the player is ready. We may step in to help tie shoelaces, though.  ; )



For practice, all players participate in the same drills with each other. Coaches and assistant coaches will give individual feedback as well. All players are encouraged to practice their skills at home as well.  

  • The atmosphere at practice is generally a friendly, social one; however, practice is not a playdate. We expect all players to participate by following coaches' instructions in a respectful and responsible manner.

For tournaments, the Club asks players' parents to mark their attendance so that the Coaches can develop a line-up for the game.

  • For U8 and U10 teams, line-ups are less important as players are rotated through the 3 positions: forward, mid, and defense.
    • Tournaments retain more of a social feeling than a competitive one. Players and parents are expected to foster friendly and a collective atmosphere with the other Clubs' players and parents. We all want the sport of field hockey to grow. 
    • We promote rounded development of players, positive sports experiences, and we focus on creating a strong foundation for more competitive play at the older levels. 
    • During games we aim to give every child as much play time as possible.
  • For U12 and up, players are more often assigned to a position to understand the broader role and responsibility of that position during game-time. 
    • We become a bit more competitive, individual players’ play time will begin to vary a bit more.
    • We substitute frequently during the games and players’ positions and skill level and experience will impact substitutions.
    • Individual skill, prior tournament experience, confidence and leadership on the field are all aspects considered by the coaches when selecting team rosters and positions.
    • Goalkeepers are usually required and begin specialized training. 


Questions? Please email us at